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I find the similarities between Native Indigenous Medicine and Yoga Philosophy/Hindu Religion fascinating. I see synergies between the traditional yoga practiced by saints and gurus who denounced everything material to be closer to the ‘Brahman’ and the Indian/Hindu rituals practiced for several centuries, with the practices of the ‘Medicine Man’.  A decade ago, I began asking questions like who am I, why am I here and what my purpose in life is. Several Native Healers also questioned about their life’s purpose and asked similar soul-searching questions to realize their goal in life – to become a ‘Medicine Man’.  I however do not aim to be a native healer but can see myself working along with native healers to provide alternative healing solutions to my future clients. (more…)


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I recently became a student at the Kerala Ayurveda Academy and world of ayurveda fascinates me so much so at this point that I spend endless hours at a time reading about the subject – something I would not do usually. Being a vata predominate person (Ayurvedic Dosha – Mind Body person), I usually like to be active, spontaneous and full of energy that is difficult to curtain, but now I stay still and focused for long hours reading. I must really love this subject! (more…)

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